VP3-3690 Cellular Remote Telemetry Unit

Control Solutions' i.Report VP3-3690 Global Remote Telemetry Unit is ideal for remote alarm monitoring and control. It includes cellular GPRS 3G or CDMA radio built in, and optional Iridium satellite transceiver. The VP3-3690 includes 14 hardwire sensor inputs which are universally configurable as analog, temperature (thermistor), or discrete/dry contact inputs. Two inputs have 30V range for battery monitoring. High speed pulse counting is provided on 2 inputs. The VP3-3690 also includes 4 thermocouple inputs and 8 Form A relay outputs. The VP3-3690 includes a Modbus RTU port which may operate in master or slave mode. The VP3-3690 also includes a CAN/J1939 port for applications such as engine monitoring.

Screen shot of web portal using VP3-3690 Cellular Remote Telemetry Unit

i.Report VP3-3690
CDMA or GPRS 3G Cellular
Wireless Remote Monitoring
with Optional GPS Tracking

• Wireless Alarm Monitoring
• Local and Server Based Data Logging
• Soft PLC for Local Control
• 14 Analog/Universal Inputs
• 4 Thermocouple Inputs
• 10 Fixed Discrete Inputs
• 8 Form A Relay Outputs
• 2 High Speed Pulse Counters
• CAN 2.0b Port
• J1939 Engine Monitoring
• RS-485 Serial Port
• Modbus RTU Master or Slave
• USB Service Port
• 2GB Local File Storage

i.Report Model VP3-3690 Cellular Remote Telemetry Unit

• Physical point monitoring
• User programmable alarm limits
• Flexible rule template programming
• Periodic data point reporting
• Event driven alarm reporting
• SMS, email, voice notifications
• Google Maps dynamic interface
• Geo-fencing with notification of fence broken

i.Report VP3-3690 Cellular Remote Telemetry Unit

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Control Solutions’ i.Report Model VP3-3690 Cellular Remote Telemetry Unit offers an array of advanced features for remote alarm monitoring, control, and data logging. The VP3-3690, equipped with cellular and/or satellite modems, is designed for use with remote monitoring web servers such as Control Solutions’ LogMyData® web portal. The VP3-3690 can also operate without modems, doing local data logging to a Flash card. Data is then uploaded later via direct USB connection.

The VP3-3690 is designed for serious control applications such as well head flare control. The thermocouple inputs are intended for high termperature monitoring. The heavy duty relays can operate solenoids, valves, and motor starters. Expand control to include additional Modbus devices such as power and gas analyzers or additional programmable controllers such as Control Solutions’ ValuPoint series.

The VP3-3690 includes 4 thermocouple inputs, plus 14 hardwired sensor inputs, which are universally configurable as analog, temperature (thermistor), or discrete/dry contact inputs. Two of the analog inputs have 30V input range for directly monitoring batteries. The VP3-3690 includes 10 discrete inputs selectable for active voltage sense or dry contact closure to ground. The VP3-3690 includes 8 Form A relay outputs for control applications.

The VP3-3690 includes a Modbus RTU port which may operate in master or slave mode. The VP3-3690 may poll multiple Modbus slaves to greatly expand I/O capability. The VP3-3690 may also operate as a slave allowing a PLC in a larger system to write data to the VP3-3690.

The VP3-3690 also includes a CAN/J1939 port for applications such as engine monitoring. The VP3-3690 can receive any standard J1939 message, including transport protocol. The VP3-3690 can initiate data read requests. The VP3-3690 can transmit J1939 messages sending data provided by the web portal or derived internally. Message construction is completely configurable, and transport protocol is supported in both directions.

LogMyData® is a complete solution for monitoring virtually any equipment. The VP3-3690 installed on your equipment uses cellular technology to report to the LogMyData cloud server. You receive notifications via text message, email, or voice when something happens that you need to know about. You can log into the web portal from anywhere, anytime to see current status of your equipment.

Screen shot from web portal used with VP3-3690 Cellular Remote Telemetry Unit

The VP3-3690 is configured over the air via the LogMyData web portal. Convenient templates simplify configuration of I/O points, mapping of Modbus registers, setting of alarm limits, and assignment of notifications to users.

Screen shot from i.CanDoIt graphical programming tool used to create control programs for the VP3-3690 Cellular Remote Telemetry Unit

i.CanDrawIt® is included at no additional cost with every i.Report from Control Solutions. i.CanDrawIt® works just like an electrical schematic CAD program, except you draw control programs that look like circuits. The resulting software will function like the circuit you draw. i.CanDrawIt® includes visual program simulation as well as visual live debugging where supported by the target device. Set breakpoints or step through the program one visual function block at a time. Update variables and I/O objects in simulation or live.


VP3-3690 Hardware Features

• Remote monitoring and data logging
• Tracks 400 data points with dual alarm thresholds per point
• Supports trending and report-on-delta for all 400 points
• GPS tracking and geo-fencing for mobile apps (optional)
• 14 Universal inputs
     • 0-10VDC, thermistor, dry contact
     • 0-30VDC range on 2 inputs for battery monitoring
     • 4-20mA with external resistor
     • 16-bit sigma-delta converter, self calibrating
• 4 Thermocouple inputs
     • Type K
     • Cold junction compensation and linearization included
     • Non-isolated inputs, requires isolated thermocouples
• 10 Discrete inputs
     • Voltage sense or dry contact closure to ground
     • High speed pulse count capability on 2 inputs
     • Low speed pulse count capability on all inputs
• 8 Discrete outputs
     • Form C relays
     • 10A rated load @ 28VDC or 120VAC
     • Socketed for easy replacement
• Communications options
     • CDMA or 3G cellular data modem
     • Iridium satellite (used alone or as backup to cellular)
     • WiFi (replaces cellular and satellite) (future release)
     • No communications (connect via USB to download data)
• 2GB data flash for event and data logging
• Battery backed real time clock for timestamps
• Programmable soft PLC included
• Modbus RTU master/slave port
• CAN 2.0b J1939 Engine monitoring port
• Over the air control
• Over the air firmware update
• Internal temperature sensor
• Hardened RS-485 serial port (Modbus RTU)
• USB port (connects to laptop for service)
• 32-bit ARM7 processor, 512K Flash
• 128K EEPROM for configuration storage
• Operates from 10-30VDC or 12-24VAC
• Operating temperature -20 ºC to +70ºC
• DIN rail mounted
• Dimensions including rail mount: 4.65”H x 10.35”W x 3.5”D


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