Network Gateways

Control Solutions' Babel Buster® family of network gateways supports building automation with BACnet, LonWorks, Modbus, SNMP and Wireless. We strive to make our gateways as easy to use as possible, and strive to make our gateways the most cost effective products available. No extra drivers to buy and configuration software is free!

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Embedded Web Servers

The goal of Control Solutions' i.CanDoIt® servers is to provide a simple and cost effective facility management and remote monitoring device for use in small sites. i.CanDoIt® web servers include an impressive collection of pre-programmed web pages, and allow the user to put a custom HTML "wrapper" around the embedded web site.

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Programmable I/O

Control Solutions' ValuPoint® and AddMe® devices are ideal for expansion of virtually any distributed building automation control system. Use these devices simply as remote slave I/O, or take advantage of the programmable control capability. The graphical programming tools are FREE for download from this site!

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Remote Monitoring

Control Solutions' i.Report™ cellular and satellite based products provide remote monitoring and control capabilities via a central web portal such as LogMyData®. These devices provide local control at the remote site, periodic data logging to the central server, and report by exception notification of user defined alarm conditions.

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Babel Buster Pro-V210 Modbus-SNMP Gateway with Trap Receiver, Table Walker

Control Solutions’ Babel Buster® Pro-V210 is a an enhanced gateway with advanced features to support connecting Modbus RTU and TCP to SNMP v1 and v2c. The Pro-V210 also includes support for connecting devices having a proprietary serial protocol to SNMP or Modbus TCP.

The Pro-V210 includes an automatic table walker with multiple algorithms making it suitable for walking the sparse alarm table found in UPS systems implementing RFC 1628. The table walker can easily translate the alarm table into a series of Modbus coils for easy access by a PLC.

The Pro-V210 includes a trap receiver supporting both v1 and v2c traps. The template driven trap receiver provides multiple algorithms for recognizing traps, and can easily place trap information into holding registers for Modbus access. If more complex treatment of trap information is needed, such as character string interpretation, Script Basic can be used to process traps and place resulting data into Modbus registers

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BB2-3060 BACnet MS/TP to Modbus TCP Gateway

Control Solutions’ Model VP4-0610 ValuPoint® Programmable I/O for Modbus RTU operates as a master or slave for I/O expansion, or as a controller with soft PLC capability. The VP4-0610 is a scaled down, low cost version of the VP4-2310 featuring 2 universal inputs that may be configured as analog or discrete, 2 dedicated discrete inputs, and 2 Form A relay outputs.

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Babel Buster LonWorks to Modbus Gateways and LonWorks to BACnet Gateways

These LonWorks gateways are BACnet or Modbus servers (or slaves) that function as LonWorks device managers, connecting LonWorks devices to a BACnet or Modbus network without binding or other external LonWorks network management. These gateways are intended to extend the life of legacy LonWorks equipment while updating the primary network to BACnet or Modbus.

Check out the link below to find out more about these gateways:

  • For MS/TP networks: BB2-3020-NB
  • For BACnet IP networks: BB2-7020-NB
  • For Modbus RTU networks: BB2-2010-NB
  • For Modbus TCP networks: BB2-6020-NB
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