Control Solutions’ Model AMJR-14-BN i.CanDoIt® Web Enabled I/O Programmable BACnet Controller is a full featured embedded web server with 14 I/O points, template or rule based alarm monitoring and email notification, weekly or time and date scheduling, and data logging. The embedded web server includes many predefined pages, but you can create your own HTML pages and forms to customize the server for your application. In addition to web access, you can access I/O points as BACnet objects or SNMP MIB variables. The AMJR-14-BN is programmable with the i.CanDrawIt® graphical programming tool.

Feature Highlights

• BACnet IP Client and Server
• 12 Analog/Universal Inputs, 10-bit, Configurable as 0-10VDC, Thermistor, Dry Contact
• Pulse Count on 2 Analog/Universal Inputs
• 2 Discrete Outputs, Open Drain FET, 1A @ 30VDC
• Modbus RTU master port to poll additional slave I/O

Screen shot from AMJR-14-BN BACnet web server
AMJR-14-BN BACnet web server

AddMe® Jr. AMJR-14-BN Embedded Web Server

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The goal of the i.CanDoIt® BACnet web server is to provide a simple and cost effective facility management and remote monitoring solution suitable for use in small sites. i.CanDoIt® includes data logging, time & date scheduling, and template or rule based alarm processing with email notification and/or I/O activation in response to events. Data logging simply records the contents of registers on a user specified schedule. Event logging keeps a record of alarm events. Scheduling causes register values to be set according to a schedule. The resulting register manipulation may generate network communication with remote devices, control local I/O, or change setpoints. The i.CanDoIt® is programmable, even though it is rather powerful without programming.

The BACnet version of the i.CanDoIt® server features a BACnet IP client and server. This server is ideal I/O add-on or stand alone controller for a BACnet IP system. The i.CanDoIt® BACnet controller is freely programmable.

Control Solutions’ i.CanDoIt® AddMe Jr. features 12 inputs which accept analog input from thermistors or 0-10V sensors, or discrete input from dry contact switches. Model AMJR-14-BN also provides 2 discrete outputs which can sink 1A at 24VDC.

Analog data is available via Analog Input objects. Linearization tables are provided for 10K and 20K type II, III, and IV thermistors on analog inputs. Input and output type and scaling are configured in web pages served by the internal web server. Outputs are accessed via commandable Binary Output objects. Additional uncommitted writeable Analog Input objects, plus writeable Multistate Input objects, are available for the user program.

The model AMJR-14-BN BACnet IP web server includes a Modbus RTU gateway for interfacing multiple Modbus devices to BACnet IP. Devices one may interface include VFD's, power monitors, etc.

The AMJR-14-BN also makes an economical BACnet IP slave I/O device. Read and write physical inputs and outputs as standard BACnet objects. You can also use BACnet IP to read and write registers that are mapped to the Modbus RTU master, giving you BACnet IP access to slave Modbus RTU devices.

The i.CanDoIt® BACnet web server includes a large number of predefined web pages for configuration and monitoring. Support is also provided for user defined web pages using HTML and JavaScript. Any of the data registers are accessible to user defined web pages via internal CGI processing of user tags. This allows a fully customized look and feel for the system.

Configuration is done via the web pages. Configuration is saved in the internal Flash file system, and may be exported for backup or for duplicating the configuration in another device.

Screen shot from AMJR-14-BN BACnet web server

Click on the link below to view a demo copy of the entire Web UI in the AMJR-14-BN.

 AMJR-14-BN Demo Web


AMJR-14-BN Features

• 12 Analog/universal inputs
    • 0-10VDC, Thermistor, dry contact
    • Software selectable input type
    • 10-bit resolution
    • 2 channels capable of high speed pulse count
• 2 Discrete outputs
    • Open drain FET, 1A @ 24VDC current sink
• Modbus RTU RS-485 Gateway built in
• BACnet IP client and server
• 10/100BaseT Ethernet
• Data and event logger, email & trap notifications
• Real time scheduler including astronomical clock
• Web interface including user HTML wrapper
• User programmable using PL/i or i.CanDrawIt®
• Powered by 10-30VDC or 24VAC 50/60 Hz
• Power Consumption:
    • 0.3A @ 24VDC max.
• DIN rail mounting, 100mm H x 70mm W x 60mm D
• Pluggable screw terminal blocks
• -40C to +70C, 5%-95% RH non-condensing
• Certifications: FCC, CE


• BACnet Tutorial
Introduction to BACnet

• Modbus Tutorial
Introduction to Modbus, including function codes, exception codes, register numbering.

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