Babel Buster IoT remote monitoring is the ideal do-it-yourself remote monitoring system. You get simple yet powerful remote monitoring without the need for a monitoring service. No contract. Built-in alarm monitoring watches your equipment and sends emails or text messages directly to your mobile phone alerting you to problems.

Get alarm notifications from:

• Modbus or BACnet I/O devices
• Sensors of any kind
• PLCs and SCADA systems
• UPS systems
• Backup generators
• Freezer monitors
• Refrigerator monitors
• Building management systems

Babel Buster IoT for Remote Alarm Monitoring

The Babel Buster IoT Gateway is a self-contained remote monitoring and alarm notification system that monitors data points in one or more Modbus or BACnet devices and alerts you and others via email when an event has been detected that somebody should know about. The Babel Buster IoT offers simple yet powerful remote monitoring without the need for a monitoring service - no contract required.

A single Babel Buster IoT Gateway can monitor up to 1,000 data points from a single device or from multiple devices on the network. An event can be a level exceeding a threshold high or low, a change in state, change in value, or deviation from a setpoint. The parameters that decide what constitutes an active alarm are set up with an easy to use template. A notification is typically sent when the alarm transitions to “active”, and again when the alarm transitions to “inactive”.

The notification message consists of whatever text you provided, optionally including template variables. These “variables” are replaced with dynamic data, such as present level, at the time the message is sent to users. You may create as many as 25 different message templates each sent to one of five user groups. Up to 25 recipients may be members of one or more groups.

The notificataion is generated automatically in real time when triggered. A notification based on the above template would look something like this:

Babel Buster IoT for Data Logging

The Babel Buster IoT Gateway includes self-contained data logging that monitors data points in one or more Modbus or BACnet devices and records those points periodically. A simple template is used to select which points are logged..

Data is logged to a local CSV file, and then emailed to you periodically.

Data is automatically timestamped. You may open your data file with any standard spread sheet program or any other tool that can read a simple CSV file. There will be one column of data per each point you selected for logging.

The Babel Buster IoT Modbus gateway can be Modbus client or server. As client (master), it will poll other Modbus servers (slaves), querying the registers you have selected and evaluating register content against alarm criteria. As server, you can have your PLC or SCADA system write data to the Babel Buster for alarm evaluation.

The Babel Buster IoT BACnet gateway can be a BACnet client or server. As a client, it will read properties from objects in other BACnet devices and retain copies of that data for evaluation against alarm criteria. As a server, the Babel Buster will contain a collection of BACnet objects which other BACnet devices may write data to for alarm evaluation.

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Local Dashboards

Babel Buster IoT Gateways support local User HTML. This means you can use readily available JavaScript widgets to create your own local dashboard with no connection to any cloud service.

The gauges pictured above will change in real time as data in local registers or objects changes. The gauges are available here.


Babel Buster IoT Gateways support local real time scheduling. Scheduling is done in a very generic and simple way. A register or object you select will change value according to a schedule you provide. From there, you can use the client to write that register to some external Modbus or BACnet device to cause action according to your schedule.

The weekly schedule allows you to specify that something should happen at a certain time of certain days of the week. It can be one day, multiple days, or every day. Holidays can be excluded. The scheduler also provides the opportunity to schedule something to happen just one time on a given day or days

Go Wireless

Babel Buster IoT Gateways can easily use a cellular router to make the Internet connection wireless. Your cellular connection will only use data when sending an alarm notification or sending a data file. You are in control of your device's usage of cellular data. If you use a SIM card in your cellular router, you can even use Hologram's Spacebridge VPN to securely gain remote access to the web user interface in your Babel Buster IoT device.