Babel Buster BB3-6101-V3 Modbus to SNMP Gateway

Control Solutions’ Babel Buster BB3-6101-V3 is a Modbus to SNMP Gateway used to connect Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP devices to your SNMP network. The SNMP manager can use SNMP Get to retrieve contents of any mapped Modbus register. In addition, the BB3-6101 uses threshold rule templates to continuously monitor Modbus data and generate SNMP Traps upon sensing of “alarm” conditions.

The BB3-6101-V3 supports SNMPv3 as well as SNMPv2 and SNMPv1. User credentials for SNMPv3 access are entered via the built-in secure web user interface.

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Babel Buster MQ-61 IoT Gateway

Control Solutions’ Babel Buster MQ-61 IoT Gateway turns any Modbus device into a Thing on the Internet of Things. Gain instant access to a wide range of machine learning and AI capabilities, a wide range of data storage and analytics, and a variety of event handling and notification capabilities. All of this is made possible by the MQ-61 IoT Gateway and the many features of Amazon Web Services.

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Babel Buster BB3-7101 Modbus to BACnet IP Gateway

The Babel Buster BB3-7101 Modbus to BACnet IP gateway allows Modbus devices to communicate with BACnet IP devices. BACnet objects may be read as Modbus registers, and Modbus registers may be read as BACnet objects. The Modbus to BACnet IP gateway acts as a translator between the two protocols.

The BB3-7101 can support as many as 5,000 BACnet objects and Modbus registers. This is the upgraded version of our popular BB2-7010 BACnet IP to Modbus gateway. The BB3-7101 is faster, and includes a secure web server for the user interface. We have benchmarked best case polling of 5,000 Modbus registers via Modbus TCP, mapping them to 5,000 Analog Input objects, in seven seconds per scan of all 5,000 points.

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