Babel Buster BB3-3101 Modbus RTU to BACnet MS/TP Gateway

The Babel Buster BB3-3101 Modbus to BACnet gateway allows Modbus RTU devices to communicate with BACnet MS/TP devices. Modbus registers may be accessed as BACnet objects, and BACnet objects may be read as Modbus registers. The Modbus to BACnet gateway acts as a translator, or protocol converter, between the two networks.

The BB3-3101 is an upgrade to the BB2-3010 Modbus RTU to BACnet MS/TP gateway. The BB3-3101 features a faster processor and more memory, which leads to support for a larger number of BACnet objects (over 1,000 versus 300). In addition, support for state strings for both Binary and Multi-state objects is added in the BB3-3101. The BB3-3101 also features isolation on the MS/TP port.

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Babel Buster MQ-73 and BB3-7301-MQ IoT Gateways

Control Solutions’ Babel Buster MQ-73 and BB3-7301-MQ IoT Gateway turns any BACnet device into a Thing on the Internet of Things. Gain instant access to a wide range of machine learning and AI capabilities, a wide range of data storage and analytics, and a variety of event handling and notification capabilities. All of this is made possible by the IoT Gateway and the many features of Amazon Web Services.

These IoT Gateways are also quite capable of operating as stand-alone remote monitoring devices with event notification, scheduling, and local data logging capabilities.

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