Control Solutions has been putting Things on the Internet since about 2005. But interest in the Internet of Things has grown exponentially in recent years and cloud based support is easy to access and affordable. Control Solutions is committed to enhancing its product line to give you rapid access to cloud based web services.

Control Solutions’ Babel Buster IoT Gateways turn your devices into Things on the Internet of Things. Gain instant access to a wide range of machine learning and AI capabilities, a wide range of data storage and analytics, and a variety of event handling and notification capabilities. All of this is made possible by the Babel Buster IoT Gateway and the many features of resources like Amazon Web Services.

Babel Buster IoT Gateways

MQ-61 Modbus to MQTT Gateway

MQ-61 Modbus IoT Gateway

MQ-61 Modbus to MQTT Gateway

• MQTT Client supporting AWS IoT Core
• Simple template based setup of MQTT Publish and Subscribe
• Modbus RTU RS-485 Master or Slave
• Modbus TCP Client and Server
• Local user programming with Script Basic
• Configure via secure web pages

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