Babel Buster Gateways put BACnet devices on SNMP networks.

The BACnet to SNMP gateway can be used to make SNMP devices look like a set of BACnet objects on the BACnet network, or make BACnet objects look like a set of SNMP variables in a MIB on the IP network. The Babel Buster gateway functions as a BACnet to SNMP protocol translator to connect BACnet IP or BACnet MS/TP devices to an SNMP network. The Babel Buster gateway will also connect SNMP devices to a BACnet IP or BACnet MS/TP network.

The BACnet to SNMP gateway, or SNMP to BACnet gateway, includes an SNMP client - sometimes referred to as SNMP manager - that automatically polls MIB variables in SNMP devices according to a table of rules that you define. The SNMP data is retained in BACnet objects within the gateway, and other BACnet clients may then send Read Property requests to obtain the SNMP data presented as a BACnet object. The process may be reversed, with the BACnet client Write Property resulting in BACnet writing to the SNMP device.

The BACnet to SNMP gateway also contains a BACnet client that will automatically query other BACnet devices, retaining a copy of their data in the gateway’s own objects. The gateway’s BACnet objects are accessible from SNMP as MIB variables. Therefore, other SNMP managers can read or write BACnet data in the various BACnet devices connected via the gateway. The gateway functions as an SNMP server - sometimes referred to as SNMP agent - for exchanging BACnet data with other SNMP devices.

The BACnet to SNMP gateway can act as BACnet client or server, meaning both BMS systems and other BACnet devices can readily access data found in SNMP devices. Both BACnet IP and MS/TP are supported.

The BACnet to SNMP gateways also include threshold rules that you may create for purposes of sending SNMP traps. When the value held in any of the gateway’s internal BACnet objects meets the criteria of the threshold rule you define, the gateway will automatically send an SNMP trap message.

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