BBPro-V230 BACnet to SNMP Gateway

Control Solutions' Babel Buster® Pro V230 is the most intelligent connection yet between BACnet and SNMP v1 or v2c. The Pro V230 features an automatic table walker and flexible trap receiver that fully supports connecting BACnet to a UPS with an RFC 1628 MIB. Easily do things like trip a relay when a trap is received. Built-in Script Basic with SNMP enhancements provide even greater power and flexibility.

BBPro-V230 Functionality

• Automatic SNMP table walker
• SNMP trap receiver
• Connect BACnet devices to SNMP
• Connect SNMP devices to BACnet
• BACnet IP and BACnet MS/TP
• SNMP v1, v2c client and server
• Universal, fully configurable
• No extra software or drivers to buy
• Configured via internal web server

Babel Buster Pro Network Gateways

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Babel Buster Pro V230 BACnet to SNMP Gateway

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BACnet MS/TP is standard model. Optional -SP version available as order option. Select the serial port option when you place your order.


New Babel Buster Pro Enhancements

• Flexible Trap Receiver
• Automatic Table Walker
• Script Basic with SNMP Enhancements
• Character String Support

Control Solutions’ Babel Buster® Pro-V230 is an enhanced gateway with advanced features to support connecting BACnet IP and MS/TP to SNMP v1 and v2c. A variant of the Pro-V230 also includes support for connecting devices having a proprietary serial protocol to SNMP or BACnet IP.

The Pro-V230 includes an automatic table walker with multiple algorithms making it suitable for walking the sparse alarm table found in UPS systems implementing RFC 1628. The table walker can easily translate the alarm table into a series of BACnet objects for easy access by a BMS.

The Pro-V230 includes a trap receiver supporting both v1 and v2c traps. The template driven trap receiver provides multiple algorithms for recognizing traps, and can easily place trap information into BACnet objects. If more complex treatment of trap information is needed, Script Basic can be used to process traps and place resulting data into BACnet objects.

The Pro-V230 is itself an SNMP device. Local BACnet objects can be assigned to either of the branches of the local MIB for remote access by other SNMP clients. The local data may be accessed as scaled integer or 32-bit floating point (RFC 6340). An SNMP Get to the Pro-V230 will read local objects and an SNMP Set will write the local objects. If local objects are mapped via BACnet to write to other BACnet devices, then SNMP Set will result in writing to a BACnet device.

The Pro-V230 can send v1 or v2c traps based on threshold rules created via templates in the Pro-V230’s web UI. When data in the local objects meets the rule criteria, the trap will be sent. Traps can be triggered by reading other BACnet devices or by any other source of local data including Script Basic.

The Pro-V230 includes an SNMP client that can read and write MIB variables in other SNMP devices. When reading, the remote device’s data will be stored in a local object. When writing, data will be taken from a local object and sent to the remote SNMP device via SNMP Set.

The Pro-V230 can be BACnet IP and MS/TP client and server (concurrently). Maps created via templates in the Pro-V230’s web UI will read and write other BACnet devices, copying their data to local objects when read, or sending data from local objects to those devices when written.

The Pro-V230 includes template based rules for simple calculations and data tests. These can be used for simple data manipulation. If more complex formula based data treatment is needed, Script Basic has access to all local objects.

The Pro-V230-SP variant of the device repurposes the serial port to be used for a proprietary serial protocol instead of MS/TP. When used for interpreting a proprietary protocol, a Script Basic program would be written to send and receive via the serial port as applicable, and interact with the local BACnet objects (and MIB variables) under user program control.

The Pro-V230-SP allows you to BACnet enable or SNMP enable serial devices that otherwise have no network connection. Combined with rule templates, Script Basic can generate BACnet COV notifications or SNMP Traps.

Babel Buster Pro-V230 is Very UPS Friendly

Screen shot from BB2-6010 Modbus to SNMP Gateway

The alarm table in a typical UPS system cannot be directly polled due to the fact that alarm table entries are only present while alarms are present, and attempts to poll the alarm data with no alarms present will result in errors. The table walker in the Pro-V230 has the intelligence to scan the alarm table for alarms, and set BACnet Binary objects to Active when alarms are found, and automatically clear Binary objects to Inactive after a timeout when not found.

In addition to walking the alarm table of a UPS, the trap receiver in the Pro-V230 can effectively translate SNMP Traps into BACnet COV notifications. The combination of trap receiver and BACnet client also means SNMP Traps can result in writing status information to objects in other BACnet devices.

The SNMP Client can be set up to periodically poll the MIB of the UPS to provide data to the BMS via BACnet, and send COV notifications upon change in values if desired.

A configuration file for connecting an RFC 1628 UPS to BACnet has already been created and is available to use as is or as a starting point for a more complex multi-unit system.

Screen shot from BB2-6010 Modbus to SNMP Gateway

Configuration of the gateway is done via the web pages served by the internal web server. The user simply fills in templates. The entire configuration is saved in the internal Flash file system in XML format. This file may be exported to replicate additional copies of the configured device, or for backup.

Screen shot from BB2-6010 Modbus to SNMP Gateway

Script Basic provides unprecedented power and flexibility for creating the ultimate SNMP trap receiver. A special set of commands have been added to Basic to provide access to received traps. Basic can also read and write BACnet object values, and inspect or set BACnet object reliability codes. .

Click the link below to view a demo copy of the entire Web UI in the BBPro-V230.

 BBPRO-V230 Demo Web


BBPro-V230 Features

• BACnet IP and BACnet MS/TP client and server
• Up to 1000 BACnet objects
• Analog, Binary, Multistate (with text) objects
• Input, commandable Output, Value objects
• BBMD, COV support
• SNMP v1, v2c Get/Set access to all data points
• SNMP v1, v2c table walker
• SNMP v1, v2c trap receiver
• SNMP v1, v2c trap generation, user programmable criteria
• Up to 300 MIB variables
• Configure via web pages
• Programmable with Script Basic
• SNMP enhancements added to Script Basic in Babel Buster Pro
• Flash file system, 10X capacity, for XML configuration files
• Online help, Quick Help section at bottom of every web page
• Password protection for web log-on and ftp
• Field upgradeable firmware upload via ftp
• DHCP or static IP address
• Hardened EIA-485 transceiver for MS/TP, 9600 to 76800 baud
• Optional RS-232 transceiver (-SP version only)
• Proprietary serial protocol customization (-SP version only)
• Powered by 10-30VDC or 12-24VAC 50/60 Hz
• Power Consumption: 0.15A @ 24VDC
• DIN rail mounting, 100mm H x 70mm W x 60mm D
• Pluggable screw terminal block for power & MS/TP network
• Operating temperature -40°C to +85°C; Humidity 5% to 90%
• FCC Class A, CE Mark
• Listed to UL 916 and (Canadian) C22.2 No. 205-M1983

Babel Buster Pro Video Library

Watch these videos for an introduction to configuring the Babel Buster Pro gateway. It's easier than reading!

Introduction to the Babel Buster Pro V230

Babel Buster Pro V230 Video - Introduction

Configuring Babel Buster Pro V230 BACnet Server

Babel Buster Pro V230 Video - Configuring BACnet Server

Configuring Babel Buster Pro V230 BACnet Client

Babel Buster Pro V230 Video - Configuring BACnet Client

Configuring Babel Buster Pro V230 SNMP Server (Agent)

Babel Buster Pro V230 Video - Configuring SNMP Server

Configuring Babel Buster Pro V230 SNMP Client (Manager)

Babel Buster Pro V230 Video - Configuring SNMP Client

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