Apply for Credit

Control Solutions welcomes open accounts from established, qualified resellers. We serve many such accounts.

You will not automatically receive open credit just because you send Control Solutions a purchase order. You must apply for credit before attempting to place an order using a purchase order. You will not automatically receive credit just because you apply for it. Your credit worthiness must be verified before you will be granted credit. Control Solutions may deny credit, at its sole discretion, to anyone who applies.

The following steps must be followed to apply for credit:

1. Obtain a credit application from Control Solutions, complete it and sign it, and email or fax it to Control Solutions for review. Send your application request to

2. Provide credit references. At least THREE vendor credit references must respond favorably before credit will be considered. Your bank is not considered a credit reference. Utilities such as telephone and electric service are also not acceptable as vendor references. Your references must be located in the United States or Canada. Control Solutions does not grant credit outside of US/Canada without US/Canadian references.

Credit will be considered only after you have successfully and favorably completed the above steps. Your initial credit limit will NOT necessarily equal the amount you requested. Initial credit limits are ALWAYS $2,500.00 or less regardless of the size of your company. Increasing that limit will be based on your payment history. Terms are Net 30 Days, without exception. Failure to comply with Control Solutions terms and conditions will result in revocation of any previously granted credit.

The above credit policy is established by the Board of Directors of Control Solutions, Inc. No employee, manager, or sole executive, has the authority to deviate from these policies under any circumstances.

The "decision" about whether you will be granted open credit is a very simple voting process. The questions are very simple:

1. Did your references respond at all?
2. Did your references say you pay within terms?

No response counts as a "no" vote. A reference that responds, but says you pay late, also counts as a "no" vote. A reference that responds, and says you pay within terms, counts as a "yes" vote. Three "yes" votes are needed. It's that simple.