LonWorks to Modbus gateways, or protocol converters, translate LonWorks network variables into Modbus registers and translate Modbus registers into LonWorks network variables. The Babel Buster gateways will connect Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP devices to a LonWorks Free Topology network. The Babel Buster gateways will also connect LonWorks devices to a Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP network.

The Babel Buster gateway will function as a LonWorks to Modbus protocol translator. Data will generally end up representing the same meaning on either end, but the details of how it is transmitted on the network are different. Babel Buster gateways have the option of applying data conversions on the fly which are almost always necessary for translating network variables to Modbus registers.

LonWorks to Modbus gateways from Control Solutions are economical and easy to use. Configuration software is provided which you may download at no cost. Online user guides and videos are provided to get you up and running as quickly as possible. There are no additional drivers or software to buy.

The behavior of the LonWorks to Modbus gateway, or Modbus to LonWorks gateway, is very different depending on whether you are putting LonWorks devices on a Modbus network, or putting Modbus devices on a LonWorks network.

Modbus Devices on a LonWorks Network

The Babel Buster gateway is used to connect Modbus devices to a LonWorks network in a manner that makes the Modbus registers behave like LonMark certified sensors and actuators. The Babel Buster LonWorks Gateways themselves are LonMark Certified, based on the LonMark sensor and actuator functional profiles. The gateway’s implementation of sensor and actuator simply leaves the door open for you to define what the actual sensor and actuator physical hardware consists of. In this case, the sensors and actuators physically consist of Modbus registers in other Modbus devices.

The LonMark Certified Babel Buster gateways are intended to be commissioned on a managed LonWorks network using a commissioning tool such as Echelon’s LonMaker or other equivalent tool. The standard network variable binding process is used to effectively connect Modbus registers via the gateway to other LonWorks devices on the LonWorks network.

LonWorks Devices on a Modbus Network

The non-bound LonWorks to Modbus gateway is a Modbus master and/or slave used to connect LonWorks devices to a Modbus network without binding or LonWorks network management outside of the gateway’s own capabilities. The LonWorks network variables will be polled periodically to read LonWorks data into holding registers, or write LonWorks data from holding registers ¬†upon change in value (or periodically if chosen).

Many LonWorks network variables are a single data value, such as temperature. However, many other LonWorks network variables are ‘structured’, meaning a single variable contains several related data values such as in the HVAC status variable. Modbus registers, on the other hand, always contain exactly one and only one data value. This means a single structured LonWorks variable cannot be translated to a single Modbus holding register. The single structured LonWorks network variable must be translated to or from multiple holding registers, and the Babel Buster gateway automatically handles this translation.

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